Site Excavation & Road Building

Whether you are building a home or just need access to your property, a properly designed entrance is a must to prevent headaches down the road.

We can be your first step in:

- lot clearing

- building site excavation

- lot grading

Septic Design & Installation.

The septic is the most important part of a home or cottage.  As Registered Onsite Sewage Installers we know it is important to design and install a system that will properly service your property from the start to prevent issues down the road.

Licensed Aggregate Pits - Aggregate Materials

Blair Sand and Gravel owns three licensed aggregate pits to provide a wide variety of sand, gravel and crushed aggregates.  We also have access to a variety of decorative materials upon request.

Aggregates generally available:

- pit run gravel

- granular "A"

- 3/4" clear, crushed stone, etc.


Making your home or cottage beautiful is something we take great pride in. 

Whether you want stone retaining walls or cut granite pathways we strive to ensure that the atmosphere you desire comes to life.