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Site Excavation & Road Building
road, excavation, excavate, building, site work

Whether you are building a home or just need access to your property, a properly designed entrance is a must to prevent headaches down the road.

We can be your first step in:

- lot clearing

- building site excavation

- lot grading

Licensed Aggregate Pits - Aggregate Materials
aggregates, sand, gravel,

Blair Sand and Gravel owns three licensed aggregate pits to provide a wide variety of sand, gravel and crushed aggregates.  We also have access to a variety of decorative materials upon request.

Aggregates generally available:

- pit run gravel

- granular "A"

- 3/4" clear, crushed stone, etc.

Septic Design & Installation
septic, septic installation, filter bed, sewage system
septic, septic system, sewage system, trench system, distribution pipe

The septic is the most important part of a home or cottage.  As Registered Onsite Sewage Installers we know it is important to design and install a system that will properly service your property from the start to prevent issues down the road.

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